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Monday, October 20, 2014

Gone Girl Gone

I broke my cardinal rule of seeing a movie before reading the book it’s based on. But in this case, it may have worked in my favor. Raise your hand if you’ve watched or read Gone Girl. 

Can I just say WTF? I want so badly to give a proper review, but if you haven’t seen or read it yet, then I don’t want to give spoilers. Just go see/read it now. Do it. Now. Seriously. 

In lieu of a proper review I’ll just throw out some of my reactions to the movie. 

He’s such a smug bastard. 
I want that house. 
OMG. What is happening? 
Why, why would that happen? 
No, no no no no! 
That would never happen in real life. 

And that basically sums it up. Not helpful, I know. Unless you know the story, and then YOU TOTALLY GET IT. 

I give the movie a thumbs up. It was fascinating, and creepy, and surprised the crap out of me. I’ve just added the book to my reading list too.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dance Party Friday



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