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Friday, August 22, 2014

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Because my ass won't get in shape on its own. Apparently.

I've been on this health kick for awhile now. I've been trying to eat healthier, and the gym is my new best friend. I see it more than I see some of y'all, but the hard work is paying off. My energy is up, my muscles feel pretty damn good, and I'm starting to tone all the things once squishy.

In my latest initiative to get healthy I've switched from coffee every morning to protein shakes. The boost of protein helps me burn calories during the day instead of letting them soak in at night. The downside of protein shakes is how hard it is to mix them without a blender, and I don't have time to clean a blender every morning before work.

BzzAgent gave me the opportunity to test out a new Rubbermaid Shaker Bottle, and the timing of this campaign couldn't be better. The moment I took the bottle out of the box I knew it was going to be better than the others I've tried. For one, the "mixing ball" isn't mesh so it's much easier to clean! It also doesn't get stuff stuck in it like the mesh ones do. Protein powder doesn't stay blended so you have to keep shaking and swirling if you want the texture of your drink to stay blended and not grainy.

The easy open lid locks down nicely, and you really feel confident that it won't leak if the bottle accidentally topples onto your lap while driving to work. (Yes, that's been tested, and not on purpose.) And the loop handle is sturdy enough to grip with one finger when your hands are full of too much crap you need to carry in from the car to work/gym/home. The bottle also fits in the car cup holder, unlike many other shaker bottle brands that seem to think short and fat is the way to go.

Over all, I love this shaker bottle. Well done Rubbermaid. You put other shaker bottles to shame!

Because this is a BzzAgent product, I have coupons for $1.50 off a bottle of your very own. Comment or message me if you want to take advantage of this discount. Whether you're looking for a blender bottle, or just a great sturdy water bottle, this is the one for you!

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