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Monday, November 24, 2014

How to climb the Sears Tower and not die on the 80th floor

  1. Call it the Sears Tower. I don't care who bought the building, it'll always be Sears to me.
  2. Sign up for the Skyrise Chicago climb.
  3. Freak out.
  4. Pat yourself on the back for taking the first big step towards the hardest/dumbest/awesomest thing you've ever done.
  5. Talk it up to your friends.
  6. Convince them to sign up with you. Solidarity! 
  7. Think about training.
  8. Talk about training.
  9. Let a few weeks pass and then no really, you need to start training.
  10. Let another week pass and then actually start training.
  11. Skip a week of training.
  12. Yell at yourself.
  13. Really REALLY get serious about training.
  14. Create a training schedule you will follow for exactly two weeks.
  15. Tell everyone how hard you're training hoping it'll guilt you into actually doing it.
  16. Two weeks before the climb hit the gym every damn day.
  17. Realize you can't make up for lost time and resign yourself to a terrible climb time.
  18. Stop caring about climb times. The goal is to finish.
  19. The day of the event wake up too early. Who needs sleep?
  20. Arrive at the building and check in. Stare in awe at all the climbers milling about.
  21. Realize you're one of them. 
  22. Stretch. You'll thank yourself later.
  23. Hover near the start 10 minutes before you're supposed to, because you can't stand the idea of waiting any longer.
  24. Stretch. To fill the time.
  25. Get in line when your wave is called. Sloooowly creep forward in the longest line of your life. 
  26. You are cattle, inching your way toward the staircase. 
  27. Get stopped halfway through the start line for your official climb photo. Pose like Charlie's Angels. Natch.
  28. You can see the start line now. Nervously chatter. Hop up and down. Stretch. Try not to freak out.
  29. Approach the start line and count the longest eight seconds of your life waiting for them to say go. 
  30. Hit play on your music as you cross the start line, and hear Neon Trees Animal blast into your ears. Move your ass, it's go time.
  31. One floor up realize how steep those stairs are!
  32. Reach the fifth floor and think wow this is going fast!
  33. Reach the tenth floor and think wow this is getting harder fast!
  34. Climb Climb Climb!
  35. Catch up to your friend on 33 and see her struggle. Wait with her to catch your breath. Encourage her. Motivate her. 
  36. Get back on the stairs. You'll climb this together. 
  37. Reach a water station and take a break.
  38. Get back on the stairs. 
  39. Get passed by a fire fighter climbing in his full 60lb gear. Get inspired.
  40. Reach 52 and take a break. You feel done. But your friend reminds you that you're halfway done. 
  41. Check the clock and see it's only been 27 minutes. You thought it had been an hour.
  42. Get back on the stairs!
  43. Pass the fire fighter. Give him a high five. 
  44. Feel tough. Tougher than you actually feel. Keep climbing.
  45. Stop on 66. This is the last chance to exit. You really really feel done. Your friend motivates the hell out of you. 
  46. Get. Back. On. The. Stairs. 
  47. Get passed by the fire fighter again. He's your hero. 
  48. Feel your lungs burn. You've lost the ability to control your breath. Begin a rotation of stopping every two floors.
  49. Feel good anyway because you're still climbing. 
  50. Reach 94 and realize you have less than 10 floors to go. 
  51. Shout TEN MORE and hear everyone shout back YES.
  52. Pass the fire fighter for the last time. He gives you a high five. 
  53. Reach 102 and pause for ten seconds. You want to catch your breath and finish strong.
  54. Sprint the last floor and push past the finish line. 
  55. Get your medal and hug your friend.
  56. You just climbed a skyscraper. YOU JUST CLIMBED THE SEARS TOWER.
  57. Check the clock. You climbed the Sears Tower in one hour and three minutes!
  58. Breathe deep - you did it!
  59. Find your friends who climbed ahead of you, take a team photo. 
  60. Find the fire fighter, take a group photo. 
  61. When your friend asks you if you'd climb it again, laugh. Then say maybe.
  62. Go home and take a nap. You've earned it.

Friday, November 21, 2014

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