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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

30 songs in 30 days - Day 14

day 14 - a song that no one would expect you to love
Jolene - Dolly Parton
Ok, I grew up listening to all sorts of music, and country never really took. But I will admit to loving this song. I wish I could explain why, but I really don’t know myself. 

Bonus song!
Pretty Vacant - The Sex Pistols
My original pick was Sex Pistols, but Jenny said it didn’t surprise her at all. I argue that Jenny is just desensitized to my surprising ways.

They were before my time, but I really like them. It’s punk rock at it’s finest, and I wish I had been born earlier to see them in their prime. Even though they were surrounded by failures and drama, and they were quite short lived, they had an energy that can’t be denied. Hats off to you Johnny Rotten. 

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