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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Circus Freaks and Geeks

The Bad Examples 1
Lombard 0

I went to Germanfest in Lombard last night to see The Bad Examples. They were fantastic as always. But I have to say, the crowd was full of the freakiest people on the planet. And I've seen some weird shit in my time.

I've never seen so many unfortunate tattoos in one night before. And some of them were just located in unfortunate places. A full spread of butterfly covering your entire chest is HOT right?

I've never seen so many grown men dressed like thugs in baggy pants low ridin' and paired with a ratty old t-shirt leftover from the 80s. And the ladies? Shorty shorts and cowgirl boots? Black bra and white wife beater? Warped Tour t-shirt cut down to tank top size barely covering the gigantor boobs? Way to keep it classy ladies.

This fest was full of Island of Misfit Toys.

On the bright side, they played one of the greatest songs ever: Your Ex-Girlfriend. I couldn't find a video for it, but that links to the lyrics. HILARIOUS.

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