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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emo this

Ok, so last night I was stuck on the train for almost three hours. It pulled out of the station at 10:30pm and made it just past the first stop when things went south. Due to high winds we were forced to stand until further notice. About an hour into that I was climbing the train walls due to no internet service and a storm a-brewing outside my window.

Everyone who takes the Chicago Metra Northwest line knows that just past Clybourn is a dead zone for internet services. Many a mistake has been made by starting a download before passing the dead zone. And yet here I was stuck in it for gawd knows how long.

After an hour of listening to the emo girl sitting in front of me complaining about "this is bullshit" and "they could move the train if they wanted to", I was all "Shut the fuck up about your stupid life. We're all in this together." (but in my head) 

I was all "Shut your pie hole, I don't plan to die today on this train in high winds. I didn't wear a cute enough outfit to be found this way." (still in my head) Because you see, in my head I was the motherfucking hero of the train car putting this emo looking, koolaid haired, black nail polished, ash tray smelling, deep sighing brat in her place. But outloud I just tapped my fingers along to my iPod and pretended like she wasn't there.

Because if I was trapped on the train with her for an hour already, this can't possibly get any better if I start a fight now. And in the end we were trapped for almost three hours together, in what turned out to be a massive storm that rocked the unmoving train (causing me mild panic attacks about dying young in a non-cute outfit.). Emo girl eventually fell asleep and we all silently shared a celebration about it.

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  1. I just left Emo Girl's blog. She dropped 500 words on Mean Girl she encountered on the train. You want the link?

    hilarious stuff Dawnie. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll treat you like I treat my daughetrs so - BE NICE! (sarcasm)


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