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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Day 18 of Shamelessness

Day 18: Brag.

I own almost 500 vinyl records. SHUT UP. If you don’t think vinyl is cool then you’re either not hip (do kids still say hip?) or you’re too young to know what vinyl is. (I don’t trust anyone younger than the internet.)

Sadly though... deep sigh... only about 60 of them are in my possession. A certain mother of mine is holding the rest hostage. And I either need to find a way to release them from their prison in her home, or play nice. And I don’t play nice with others. So I’m just waiting it out. (WHAT? I meant for her to cave and give them up. Not her untimely death from being smothered in her sleep.)



  1. I lost my vinyl in my divorce. Now you know why things are so hostile between us.

    Awesome to know.....

  2. Sooo I should have a prenup for my music. Gotcha! ;)


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