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Monday, January 30, 2012

Chicago House Concerts

If you've read even five minutes of my blog then you know I'm in love with music. And if you've read a lot of my blog then you know I love discovering new music, or music in new ways.

This past weekend I attended one of the Chicago House Concerts featuring Ralph Covert (of the Bad Examples). Now, I've seen Ralph play on many an occasion. I attend his monthly Acoustic Army in Berwyn. He's always entertaining, and shares some great stories from the road. But normally when I see him perform, it's in a bar and we run the risk of random drunk people wandering in and interrupting. So goes the bar scene.

The atmosphere at the House Concert was fabulous. I've attended many a musical performance in a home, but never an organized one with a professional performer. It's always been friends playing guitars for friends. Rob's home is the perfect venue for such concerts though, and can house roughly 40-50 people all seated around the musician's setup. Everyone brought food and drinks, and many brought their own chairs to guarantee seating.

But the best part? Rob is clearly a music fanatic like myself. He's passionate about music, and I was lucky enough to chat him up a bit about it. Next up he has a few members of The Nadas coming, and I'm excited to see them perform at the House Concert. Hopefully it'll be a day I can attend. I hope to meet more music fanatics like myself, all while enjoying an intimate concert over wine.


  1. OMG you're from the Chicago area? So we really COULD do the line dancing thing? Ok not often because I'd have to take the train in and then I'd be stuck at Millennium station until you came to save me or told me what subway to take... but still. It'd be possible. If I could dance anyway.

    Wine & concerts sound wonderful. I saw Marc Cohn up somewhere NW of Chicago a while back - I forget the name of the town - and I loved the little intimate theater and that they sold wine. I love U2, but the huge concert thing can be so much effort and I love the intimacy of a small venue where the musician actually interacts with the audience. I have to REALLY love a musician or group before I want to brave a large concert.

  2. so much awesome with this post

    You're lucky to love wehre you do and to be single. I'm envious of your music surroundings.

    1. Oh trust me, I am taking full advantage of my lack of children and spouse right now. Because I know that once that changes I have to be mindful of their needs just as much as my own need for live music. I'm posting music all this week, and I think you'll like some of it if you don't already.

  3. This is right up my alley. I wish I was up there with you so I could hit these concerts with you. Here in Wichita, there's not much of a music scene which truly sucks for music lovers like myself who have lived in cities like Austin, Houston, Dallas and San Diego, all of which have incredible live music venues. If there is a church revival...Wichita is your place...live music? Not so much.

    Enjoy them all and know that I'll be here waiting to hear all about them!

  4. Who is Rob and how do you go see house concerts there? How can artists perform there? If you can provide some details, that would be great!!


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