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Thursday, February 16, 2012


This one time, I called the cops on a cat. BECAUSE I'M HARDCORE LIKE THAT.

Ok, fine. I didn't know it was a cat when I called. But someone was trying to break in, and goddamnit I wasn't taking any chances. So when the door was shaking and the handle was jiggled, I called the cops. When they showed up no creepy person was lurking in the area, but there was a cat attempting to jiggle the handle of the next door over with its paws.

So the cops were all "it's just the cat" and I was like "ARREST THE CAT" and they refused. Can you believe that shit? The cat was clearly a cat burglar and wanted to steal my stuffs. And the cops refused to take care of business.

Obviously a complete failure of the justice system. Obviously.


  1. lol cat burglar. My cat just sits by the door, looks up longingly, then looks at me and meows.

    And it works too. Obviously he is spoiled. I should make him learn to open the door himself.

  2. Obviously. And I'll never get tired of hearing this story. :D

  3. How catty of you to profile this kitty. #seewhatididthere

  4. Dammit, Officer! This is a travesty!

  5. I love you all. Because you either find this funny, or you're all as nuts as me.


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