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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Voice of an Angel, Lungs of an Angry Newborn

Y'all know I love music. If you don't know that, welcome new friend, pull up a chair and get cozy. Not only have a decided to try and pull off an aggressive 12 music events in 2012, but I'm also counting Lollapalooza as just one event (despite the multitude of shows that will be seen that weekend), and Ralph Covert's Acoustic Army is only counting as one even though I go almost every month.

I told you, this year I'm being aggressive. There's no real reason for it. Music just makes me happy, and so why wouldn't I bring a little more happy into my life. (Note the lack of question mark, because obvsl.)

I recently discovered a new outlet for hearing some of my favorite music. Stageit.com. It's a website where musicians can perform online and set their own price. They can choose a specific amount, or just request that you pay what you can and set the bar at the lowest ($5). Then you get to watch online at the set performance time to see your favorites play acoustic sets, from the tour bus, from their couch, from backstage, from wherever. The musician sets up the date and time.

I've been a little nostalgic lately about local artists, and it got me thinking about William Beckett from The Academy Is. They broke up in 2011, which made me all sad in the heart because I liked their sound, and also because William Beckett's voice is that of an angel with the lungs of an angry newborn. Don't know what I mean? Take a listen for yourself:

Or here: (He sings the chorus)

William Beckett clued me in to Stageit via twitter. (Oh twitter, you have taught me so much in the last year.) So I checked out one of his shows this weekend, and it was great. He played a set of his favorite cover songs. I think it's safe to say I'll be watching more Stageit shows, including more of Beckett's. Not only did he sing my favorite Cure song (Just Like Heaven) but one of my favorite Smiths songs (Ask), as well as some Death Cab and Ryan Adams. He played three of his originals, and Girl, You Shoulda Been A Drummer will probably be my favorite. Probably. The EP drops soon.

Here are some fun screen shots from his Stageit show.

PS. According to Alt Press his first solo tour will end in Chicago on May 29th, right before my birthday. So all I want for my birthday this year is for someone to take me to that show. 


  1. He's cute. And young. I like the sound--a little poppy, but likable. Thanks for the music info here. Gotta check out that Stage It business. Are there big names or mostly indie stuff?

    1. From what I can tell, it's mostly Indie music, but the site is growing in popularity so who knows who might show up on there. And Beckett's solo album is less poppy sounding. I like it better than the Academy sound, at least from what I've heard so far. His first single "Compromising Me" was just released on itunes this morning, and if you follow the link to Alt Press above, and follow their link to (I think) Amazon you can hear a clip of all four songs from the EP about to drop.


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