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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Time Lapse Lolla

I know I promised everyone details on the bands seen at lolla, and fret not my friends. You will get those details in all their glory. But I'm tired, and back at work, and it's just not happening today. Sorry kids. Later this week when life settles down.

But I do have for you a time lapse video (thanks to cratering for posting to my attention) of the storm that blew in on Saturday. We managed to not get wet, as we met up at my office before heading over. The storm hit right when we got to my building. So we waited it out in safety and then entered the fest after the all clear.

Another big thanks to twitter, as we thought for sure we were going to miss seeing Fun., because they were originally scheduled during the evacuation time. Howevah, they were rescheduled (and sadly bumped another smaller name band, but ahh well, that's life) and they tweeted out their new time for us. So, we managed to haul ass to Grant Park and see their set. And they lived up to their name: they were very Fun.!

If you look closely you can see the crowd mass exiting the park, and then after the storm rushing back in. We were in that crowd rushing back in. The evacuation occurred around 3pm and the gates reopened to the crowd at 6pm. 

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