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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Truthful Tuesday - Mardi Gras Edition

  • I love Mardi Gras, but more importantly I love Fat Tuesday
  • One of these years I want to throw a Mardi Gras party on Fat Tuesday
  • And bake a king cake
  • Even though I'm not Catholic I participate in Lent by either giving something up or by doing something good
  • The year I gave up caffeine was not good for anyone, and did not end well
  • This year I'm choosing to do 40 acts of kindness during Lent
  • No matter how big or small those acts might be, because even one small act of kindness can change the world
  • It would make my heart explode with happy if you helped by doing your own acts of kindness too


  1. I love the idea of Random Acts of Kindness Week but struggle with the idea of writing or talking about it. Kindness is something you do for no attention , unless you;'re a celebrity, right?

    I'm admiring your self enlightenment tour

    1. Agreed. I thought about a follow up with a list of the acts performed, more as proof that I followed through with the plan. But then decided against it. Because if you know me then you know that I'll follow through so I don't need to 'prove' anything. I publicly declared my 40 acts decision in the hopes of inspiring others to spread a little love to those who need it most. This world could definitely use a lot more kindness.


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