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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Home Again #100WordSong

They say you can never go home again. 
But I guess that first depends on your definition of home. 
Me, I’m from nowhere, and everywhere, and every place in between. 
I wouldn’t even know where to start when heading home. 
That’s the price you pay for never standing still. 
My home is where I left my heart, and I chose to leave it with you. 
Wherever you are, no matter the distance, that’s where I belong, 
always and forever. 
You are my warmth on cold winter eves, 
my salty tears of joy, 
and my laughter in the darkest of nights.


This is a 100 Word Song prompt from My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog. Join the fun! Write up your 100 words inspired by the song choice below, and link up over HERE. A new prompt every week, and you have until the next week to link up.


  1. I like how you stripped the cliché from the first line. Again, song lyrical and poetic at the same time. well done, dawn

  2. Thanks yo. It feels good to be writing prompts again!

  3. When my husband and I got married, I had "welcome home" engraved inside his wedding band. That's how it is... wherever he is, is my home.

  4. That is breathtakingly beautiful. I love it.


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