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Up In Flames

I FUCKING LOVE to make lists. About anything and everything.

So here is a list of all the things I want to accomplish before I lose my goddamn mind (which could be any moment now). Let's call this my Up In Flames list. Because I'm fairly certain that when I go, it'll be in a fiery blaze of glory. 

I'll be updating this list on a completely irregular basis, so feel free to obsessively check back on my lack of progress. 
  1. take dance lessons
  2. read The Lord of the Rings trilogy
  3. ride in a hot air balloon
  4. climb a rock wall 
  5. inspire a song (but not a sucky one)
  6. dance in the rain
  7. get a drink named after me
  8. pole dance (no, not the naked kind)
  9. pet a penguin
  10. try to surf
  11. try to skateboard
  12. dye my hair blue or purple 
  13. dye my hair burgundy 
  14. make a perfect iced caramel macchiato
  15. smile at a stranger and get a smile back
  16. do something that makes a stranger laugh
  17. ride a mechanical bull
  18. receive a Giving Key
  19. give away a Giving Key
  20. take someone to their first concert
  21. invent a drink people actually want 
  22. visit Africa
  23. go on an African safari
  24. literally laugh until I cry
  25. cry until I laugh
  26. go white water rafting
  27. kiss in the rain
  28. watch the sunrise from a beach
  29. star gaze from the middle of nowhere on a clear night
  30. pay off my student loan debt
  31. pay off my old medical debt 
  32. buy a house
  33. get a puppy
  34. Bonnaroo
  35. Bumbershoot
  36. Lollapalooza
  37. Voodoo Fest
  38. Coachella 
  39. Austin City Limits
  40. sex on the beach (the act, not the drink)
  41. sleep outside under the stars
  42. run a 5k
  43. run a 5k wearing a mustache
  44. fall in love
  45. get married
  46. visit all 50 states (8 to go)
  47. get postcards from all 50 states (missing WV)
  48. take a nephew camping
  49. teach a nephew something amazing
  50. travel to Italy
  51. travel to Australia or New Zealand
  52. travel to South America
  53. write something worth publishing
  54. witness the Aurora Borealis
  55. Burning Man (maybe, I don't know, we'll see)
  56. Hustle up the Hancock 
  57. SkyRise Climb (Sears Tower climb!)
  58. build a doll house 
  59. swim with dolphins
  60. attend a first tour concert
  61. dance on stage at a concert
  62. pay it forward
  63. witness a random act of kindness by a stranger
  64. attend a black tie event
  65. go on a haunted pub crawl
  66. have a real live Christmas tree one year
  67. walk 60 miles in 3 days for breast cancer!
  68. walk 60 miles in 3 days for the fourth time!
  69. do something kind for someone who can't repay it back
  70. stand up for something I believe in (ie protest or sit in)
  71. attend a march for a cause I believe in
  72. ride an elephant 
  73. ride a camel
  74. have a skating rink party
  75. go on a nature adventure (multi day trip)
  76. see a Banksy in real life
  77. have a Mardi Gras party
  78. attend Mardi Gras in NOLA
  79. take horseback riding lessons
  80. vacation on a working ranch
  81. plant a tree for Earth Day
  82. plant a tree for Arbor Day
  83. take belly dancing classes
  84. practice until I'm good at belly dancing
  85. see Halley's Comet (seen 1986)
  86. learn how to crochet
  87. hike a mountain
  88. hike a mountain without complaining
  89. nature hike in one of the national parks
  90. build a beautiful garden
  91. keep the garden alive for more than one season
  92. shoot a bow and arrow
  93. practice archery until I'm good at it
  94. learn how to make my own candles
  95. live in a foreign country (Leiden, Netherlands)
  96. speak a foreign language (Dutch)
  97. speak a foreign language fluently
  98. renew my passport 
  99. buy my own rollerskates
  100. practice until I'm good at rollerskating
  101. see a Michael Parkes in person
  102. own a Michael Parkes 
  103. buy a book written by a friend 
  104. have a personal story featured in a book (written, not yet published)
  105. visit RCA Studio B
  106. visit Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame
  107. visit Country Music Hall of Fame
  108. visit Third Man Records, studio and store
  109. be in a studio during a recording session
  110. visit Marie Laveau's tomb
  111. visit Jean Paul Sartre's grave
  112. read The Last Madam
  113. attend the live taping of a show
  114. ride in a biplane
  115. visit Niagara Falls
  116. visit the Grand Canyon (and hike it)
  117. road trip Route 66
  118. meet at least three of my internet friends in person
  119. meet more of my internet friends
  120. have an Alice in Wonderland themed party
  121. hike a 5+ mile trail
  122. hike a 10+ mile trail
  123. hike a 15+ mile trail
  124. Baconfest
  125. Vegas
  126. attend a Tweetup
  127. celebrate Record Store Day
  128. celebrate Record Store Day at Third Man Records
  129. celebrate World Book Night as a book giver
  130. complete a 30 day drawing challenge
  131. ride in a race car (I wanna go fast!)
  132. buy a balloon from a street vendor on a whim
  133. capture a perfect moment on film
  134. gondola ride
  135. visit a wax museum (even though they freak me out)
  136. attend Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo C2E2
  137. attend a comic convention in cosplay
  138. attend Wizard World Comic Con (Chicago)
  139. attend Comic Con with LucidLotus
  140. have a Doctor Who themed party
  141. meet Brendon Boyd Urie AND GET A HUG
  142. visit Wales
  143. visit Portland, OR 
  144. attend a MLB game at Fenway
  145. attend a MLB game at Wrigley
  146. stand on Wrigley field

This list is ever expanding. What else? Inspire me!


  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2012

    wow nice list!

  2. Some things I've always wanted to do:
    compliment someone in another language
    pet a snow leopard (or any big cat)
    witness a tornado touch down
    turn a watermelon into a keg
    go skydiving

    1. I could never go skydiving, but I like the other things you listed. I have pet a baby cougar though, when I was a kid. It was pretty cool.


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